Thank you for your interest in contributing. This site is being developed by Fred Spencer (apparently it was my idea) and Stuart Rae (the long suffering man who knows how to make my ideas work). We are resident in the UK and old enough to know better (but we won't let that stop us). We are both amateur photographers. Stuart has been a regular visitor to the Lakes for over 50 years, while Fred is a recent convert to its attractions.
    Our objective is to show the beauty, character and life of the English Lake District through the medium of photography. To this end we would like to invite anyone to contribute their photographs.
    The standard of photography is less important than the content. Scans of old photographs, in black and white as well as colour, are also very welcome. We would appreciate contributions of up to 20 photographs totalling up to 5MB. Images should be 1024px wide for landscapes and 600 px high for portraits, to avoid scrolling. If possible please include when and where the photograph was taken. A small additional description is also welcome. This will make the viewing experience more interesting.
    As a contributing member your copyright will be shown and a link to your own website or webspace can also be added. Links should be to sites which have, at least in part, more photographic content. We do not intend having advertising on the site. However, providing an album is submitted, we will accept links to commercial photographer's sites and other sites of interest to photographers and visitors to the area.
    To upload photographs you will need an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program. For those that don't have one we can recommend a free one called Filezilla. It can be downloaded from If anyone has difficulty with uploading by this method we can also accept contributions by email. You can also use the supplied FTP Applet by clicking the FTP button.
    Once again, thank you for your interest. If you wish to contribute, or have any questions, please contact us.